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Fun thing I learned today: I need to work in the CMYK colourspace (as opposed to RGB) if I wanna sell my things over on Redbubble. That kinda limits my colour options 

Pictured up top is NEON PUNK DASHFACE in all its original neon glory, below that shows all the colours CMYK will allow from that scheme (everything that’s not grey
Pic #3 is a WIP of the new CMYK friendly colour scheme . Trying to strike that balance between CMYKness and that Neon look.

So yeah:


Hey, excuse the lack of updates. Been real busy working on non-pony things :)

New things soon!

I boot up my PC to this here upload:

Hay Tea - Daydream (Sapphire Shores Remix)

One of my fave pony artists remixed by another of my fave pony artists.
Beautiful epic glitch


Doodles from the past few days.

The Mane Six Humanized by vasira


The Mane Six Humanized by vasira



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This speaks to me on a fundamental level

So I was doodling and I think I accidentally human Rarity. Might make this into something more substantial!

So I was doodling and I think I accidentally human Rarity. Might make this into something more substantial!



Exploring Titanic

A while back there used to be a video game project called "Titanic: Lost in the Darkness". The goal was to recreate Titanic in its entirety and make a game out of it where people could play through a story or just explore the entire ship at their leisure.

"Lost in the Darkness" no longer exists as it did. However, most of the team members and modelers from Lost in the Darkness, after the events that ended that project, went on to create "Titanic: Honor and Glory". Honor and Glory has the same goals as Lost in the Darkness, even exceeding them, and builds on its roots from the days of the first project. Honor and Glory uses the same models you see above, though they have since been updated to be even more accurate and detailed.

The Honor and Glory team is still working on improving the models and getting them into the video game engine (Crytek’s CryEngine), so what you see above is from the days of Lost in the Darkness, scenes from some early in-game tests. Click the images to see which rooms they are in the descriptions.

You can see more of Titanic: Honor and Glory, and what became of the amazing work you see above, on their Tumblr blogFacebook Page, and Youtube channel.

This shit is running realtime in Cryengine.

Let that sink in for a moment

Are you saying this is just the tip of the iceberg?