1. Updates

    New Shirosounds mix coming to my Soundcloud on Monday. Youtube upload later this week

    Tonight Headphone Pony Livestream (cuz oh god I haven’t worked on it in like forever and I totes should cuz I love doing it and you should come cuz it’s gonna be fun okay I’m done now bai!)


  2. "Draw me like one of your French Hens."


  3. peanutbutters-stupid-art-corner:

    meanwhile in the 80s

    Yes. Good!

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  4. rwlart:

    Pinkie Pie gets the worst bedhead you can imagine.

    She doesn’t mind.

    Colored my Pinkie from the other day!

    FLUFFY \:D/


  5. So that short film I helped make in early March?



  6. Not reblogging this would go against the very core of my being.

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  7. <3


  8. This is so cool!

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  9. jakewhyman:

    No appuls…



  10. Help im watching this and I don’;t now what to dow tiht myself now dhauoaw;sdad